We work with a highly professional property consultant with over 25 years’ experience to provide guidance on what is required to gain maximum return.

  • Complimentary stylist to review and best present the home
  • Provide advice on repairs and garden maintenance
  • Find and appoint the best agent and process to maximise the sale price
  • Negotiate the agent fees and advise on the best marketing
  • Highly qualified with strong reviews and feedback from clients
  • Obligation free service

Benefits of a Property Preparation

Selling a home that belonged to you or a family member can be a difficult task. Obviously there can be a lot of emotion involved and sometimes it seems easiest just want to put it on the market and sell it. However, clearing a house, decluttering and getting it looking its best will not only help with the transition but maximise the price you will receive at auction.

While the amount of tasks can be overwhelming, our team can help with all these services in a caring, considerate and systematic way.

For assistance with your clearance, contact us now.