Our experienced team can provide you with a start to finish house clearance service, no matter where you are in Melbourne.

What happens with a house clearance?

  • Remove all items from property
  • Provide a complete inventory of all items
  • Dispose of all rubbish
  • Organise donations to go to charities
  • Organise saleable goods to go to the appropriate auction house
  • Transporting goods to family members, whether it’s local, interstate or overseas

House Clearance FAQs

Should I Start to Clear the Property?

Before you remove any items from the property, it’s best to get one of our valuers to assess the items and discuss the best way to proceed.

Should I Clear the Rubbish?

One person’s rubbish is sometimes another person’s treasure. Rubbish removal can be a very costly expense when clearing a property, our house clearance team can sort the treasure from the rubbish, performing a probate valuation. This can sometimes pay for the rubbish disposal.

Should I Take Goods to Charity?

Wait until our valuer has seen the items; usually the smaller items which are easy to clear are the more popular items on the market and will be sorted by our team. At Lighthouse we are concerned about the amount of landfill that comes out of clearing an estate and try our best to recycle, donate or even just give away to reduce the amount of waste.

Ideal House Clearance Services

Our house clearances services are perfect for:

  • People of all ages looking to downsize into a small place
  • Busy workers who don’t have time to pack their stuff and clear their home
  • Older people moving into retirement living
  • Families of people moving into retirement living needing help to clear their relatives’ house
  • An executor of a will acting on behalf of a deceased estate

Our team has over 35 years’ experience in clearing properties and provides a full-service offering to make the process hassle-free, environmentally friendly, and economical.

For assistance with your clearance, contact us now.